■  Operating voltage to wide range
  ●  Voltage range: 85~265V AC
  ●  Frequency: 50~60Hz
■  Digital time switch with weekly program  and day cycle
■  20 groups on-off program
  ●  Can Switching preselection
  ●  Can manually to control on-off
■  20 times pulse programs
  ● Adjustable pulse duration 1s~59m59s
■  Countdown
  ● Adjustable Countdown duration 1s~99m59s
■  1 channel
■  Screw terminals
■ Preset date and time
  ●  LCD Display
  ●  Can manually set Daylight Saving Time(1 Hours)
  ●  12/24 hour format conversion
  ●  Can auto-correct time(-30 sec ≤△t≤30 sec)  weekly
■  Built-in lithium battery, and travel time as usual after power failure
  ●  Fully operable without mains connection
■  Integrated operating hour counter and action times

Technical Data

Product Type AHC15A-D-16A AHC15A-D-5P-20A AHC15A-D-3P-20A
Times of switch setting 20 groups
pulse programs 20 times
pulse time 1s~59m59s
Count down 1s~99m59s
Operating voltage 85~265V AC
Frequency 50~60Hz
Width 2 modules
Installation type Din rail
Terminal  Quantity 5 5 3
Type of contact Changeover contact
Switching output Phase-independent
Method of connection terminal Screw terminals
Power reserve 3 years
Switching capacity at
250 V AC, cos φ = 1
16A 20A
Switching capacity at
250 V AC, cos φ = 0,6
10A 12A
Incandescent/halogen lamp load 230V 2600W 3200W
Energy saving lamps 170W 200W
LED lamp < 2 W 30W 36W
LED lamp 2–8 W 100W 120W
LED lamp > 8 W 120W 150W
Fluorescent lamp load (electronic ballast) 650W 800W
Fluorescent lamp load (conventional) not corrected 1000VA 1200VA
Fluorescent lamp load (conventional)
1000VA 1200VA
Fluorescent lamp load (conventional)
730 VA 80 Μf 900 VA 80uF
Time accuracy at 25 °C typical ± 2 s/day (quartz)
Stand-by consumed power 1.5VA
Stand-by consumed power 3VA 5VA
Test approval CE
Type of protection IP 20
Protection class II according to EN 60 730-1
Housing and insulation material High-temperature resistant, self-extinguishing thermoplastic
Work  temperature -10 ~ +50 °C (non-icing
Ambient humidity 3585RH