■  Data read/write memory card
  ●  Copying programs and pluse times
  ●  Storing programs and pluse times
  ●  Current time storing to memory card continue to count
  ●  Memory card has a built-in rechargeable battery
■  Keypad lock
  ● Press the key after pressing the other key is invalid
  ●  Key no action within 30 seconds, automatic lock
  ●  Press the clock key 4 times to lock or unlock
■  Digital time switch with weekly program  and day cycle
■  20 groups on-off program
  ●  Can Switching preselection
  ●  Can manually to control on-off
■  38 times pulse programs
  ● Adjustable pulse duration 1s~59m59s
■  Countdown
  ● Adjustable Countdown duration 1s~99m59s
■  1 channel
■ Screw terminals
■ Preset date and time
  ●  LCD Display
  ●  Can manually set Daylight Saving Time(1 Hours)
  ●  12/24 hour format conversion
  ●  Can auto-correct time(-3 sec ≤△t≤3 sec) every day
---  AHC15A-U-xx/xxHz-xP-xxA-H  can not be setting
■  Built-in lithium battery, and travel time as usual after power failure
  ●  Fully operable without mains connection
■  Integrated operating hour counter and action times

General Data