■  External trigger switch to start random timing
  ● Adjustable time duration: 1s~99m59s
  ● Default time: 45min
  ● Returns to normal timer setting after  random time is up
■  Digital time switch with weekly program  and day cycle
■  16 groups on-off program
  ●  Can Switching preselection
  ●  Can manually to control on-off
■  1 channel
■  Screw terminals
■ Preset date and time
  ●  LCD Display
  ●  12/24 hour format conversion
  ●  Can auto-correct time(-30 sec ≤△t≤30 sec)  weekly
■  Built-in lithium battery, 
    and travel time as usual after power failure
  ● Fully operable without mains connection

General Data