■ Analogue time switch
■ Socket timer
■ Switching status display
■ Daily program
■ Without power reserve
■ 96 switching segments
■  Reliable due to synchronous motor drive
■ Synchronised with mains
■ Shortest switching time: 15 minutes
■ Simple summer/winter time correction
■ Plug in terminals

Technical Data

Operating voltage   230 V AC
Frequency   50Hz,60Hz
Width   4 modules
Installation type  Plug type
Type of connection Plug in terminals
Drive Synchronous motor
Program  Daily program 
Max. switching capacity at 250 V AC, cos φ = 1  16 A
Max. switching capacity at 250 V AC, cos φ = 0.6  4 A
Incandescent/halogen lamp load 1000W
Energy saving lamps 150W
LED lamp < 2 W 30W
LED lamp 2-8 W 90W
LED lamp > 8 W 100W
Shortest switching time  15 min 
Programmable every  15 min 
Time accuracy at 25 °C Synchronised with mains
Type of contact SPST
Switching output  Not potential-free 
Power consumption  1.5 VA
Test approvals  CE
Housing and insulation material High-temperature resistant, self-extinguishing thermoplastic
Type of protection  IP 20
Protection class  II in accordance with EN 60730-1
Ambient temperature  –10 °C … +50 °C