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5 Best Time Switch Will be Launched in 2018 From Alion

//5 Best Time Switch Will be Launched in 2018 From Alion

5 Best Time Switch Will be Launched in 2018 From Alion

Alion is one of top 3 Digital Time Switch and Analogue Time Switch manufacturer in China, we have specialized in time switches industry for more than 24 years, and worked with more than 180 companies in worldwide.

New Generation of Digital Time Switch and Analogue Time Switch

Analogue Time Switch SUL181h and digital time switch AHC15a have become the most popular time switch in the worldwide, so that these 2 types digital timer also have been copied and faked by some local provider in China. In order to avoid the price war, this year we are going to launch 5 new products, all of these new generation produces have the better performance to match the higher demands of energy equipments. These products have more powerful features based on the latest technologies developed by Alion R&D Center. And some products are more convenient for us to use the launch. We also follow the development of the times, will launch the timer based on Internet of Things.

Digital Time Switch | Astronomical

This astronomical time switch is a new concept for solar equipment. It has built-in global sunrise and sunset time. By setting the latitude and longitude and time zone to determine your location, it can display the local time of sunrise and sunset. You can also choose to advance / delayed 1 hour to turn on / off the device without having to completely follow. When you set Daylight Saving Time, it will auto switch and you can also adjust the program to advance / delayed 1 hour.

digital time switch

digital time switch

We designed a USB key for The Astronomical time switch. You will no longer need to set one by one all the time switch. After the first time switch set up, you can copy to the second via USB key. According to our internal calculations, the installation of 100 time switches, you can save 35 hours. The use of this function is very simple, without going through the phone. The use of this function is very simple, without having to go through smart phone or laptop. Plug in the USB key, the time switch will display the options“Load program” and “Output program”on the screen. You press “Load program” to copy the program can be.

Digital Time Switch | Fool-Type

Developing a digital time switch with very simple program settings is our design principle. This inspired by a South African customer requirements. Fool-type Digital time switch has 16 predefined programs (we will add more predefined programs based on market feedback), you only select the UTD and the required programs can be done. It is not very cool? Just 2 steps to complete all the settings. And interface is very clear and concise. You’ll be able to understand quickly in seconds. Follow us the first time to receive news about our new type time switch. We also welcome you to contact us to make suggestion.


digital time switch

digital time switch


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