What’s the Working Principle of Auto Recloser Circuit Breaker?

These kinds of MCBs and RCCBs with automatic reclosing functions have many applications, including meter boxes, solar circuit management, photovoltaic solar control boxes, smart power, smart home systems, and new energy vehicle charging piles.

1. Working principle of automatic reclosing

The working rules of automatic reclosing are equally simple: when a fault is detected, the circuit breaker trips. The controller then waits for a predetermined time before closing the circuit breaker again. If everything is normal, this is the end of the whole process, but if the fault persists, the circuit breaker trips again. After an additional delay, the controller recloses it again and checks again whether the fault persists. If the spot still exists after the second closing, the circuit breaker trips again.

2. Automatic circuit reclosing function

  • Optional circuit breaker/leakage protection switch, MCB / RCCB will automatically close when accidental tripping, without manual closing, reducing manual maintenance costs, troubleshooting in time, and improving efficiency.
  • Built-in multiple reclosing, continuous closing failure can be alarmed by auxiliary contacts within a few minutes.
  • With manual/automatic selection switch.
  • With mechanical/electronic double lock function.
  • The shaft transmission mode is more stable and reliable.
  • Can be matched with other accessories.
  • The working status is displayed by LED.

3.Wiring diagram of automatic reclosing circuit

4. Installation of automatic reclosing circuit breaker

1)If auto rec closes and cooperates with RCCB:

First, put the linkage into the handle of the RCCB. Then close the upper and lower buckles to ensure that the connection is tight.

2. If auto-reclosing is matched with MCB:

First, put the linkage device into the handle of the MCB. Then align the small cylinder with the corresponding hole. Finally, close the upper and lower buckles to ensure a tight connection

3.If automatic reclosing is matched with MCB/RCCB and accessories:

First, install the MCB/RCCB on the rail. Then install the automatic reclosing device (ARD). Finally, install accessories next to the ARD.

5.Automatic reclosing operation

In AUTO mode, turn on the auto-reclosing function:

In MANU mode, turn off the auto-reclosing function.

MCB/RCCB can only be turned on and off manually:

When power on, the green indicator light flashes for 2 seconds, wait for the power supply to stabilize. When MCB / RCCB fails to trip, the green light will be on and the red light will be on.

Note that the red color will flash when the auto-reclosing is delayed. After a delay, it will automatically turn on and the green light will be on.


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