Central Heating Time Switch: What’s So Great About It

With winter months getting colder and colder in recent years, you probably want to keep your heating system on all day and night. However, you will agree that this is a huge waste of both money and energy. The solution to your problem might be a central heating time switch.

In simple terms, a time switch is a small device that controls the on and off cycles of various devices and appliances. Unlike the regular thermostats that turn the heating off based on the room temperature, a time switch turns devices on and off based on the time of the day.

So, how does this apply to the central heating system?

How Does a Central Heating Time Switch Work?

A central heating time switch sets the time when your central heating will turn on and off. Some of the timers have two different sets of switches — one for setting the heating in the morning and one for the evenings.

Central heating time switches come in two forms: analog and digital. With an analog switch, you will use buttons and a dial to set the system. On the other hand, digital switches have an LED display. Still, the concept behind them is the same so, the choice is completely up to you.

With a central heating time switch, you won’t have to bother to turn the heating on or off manually. All you need to do is to set the switch to do it at the desired time. It will do all the work for you. You can be as lazy as you want and still have a comfortably warm house.

In addition to these benefits, a central heating time switch will save you a lot of money and reduce your utility bills. That is because it can automatically turn the heating off when you’re not at home and you don’t need space heating.

How to Get the Best Out of Your Central Heating Time Switch?

After the boiler is turned on, it takes it an average of 30 minutes to heat the house. You can set your time switch according to that.

For example, if you wake up at 6.00 am, set the switch to 5.30 am, and you’ll wake up in a comfortably warm room. Then, make the switch turn the heating off while you’re at work to save some energy. Finally, set it to turn on the heating again half an hour before you usually arrive home. Another good idea is to set it to turn the heating off 30 minutes after you go to bed.

Moreover, most models have the feature to set different options for different days of the week. So, you can have different settings for, for example, weekdays and weekends.

Of course, before you set your central heating time switch, you should read the manufacturer’s instructions. That is important because different models offer different features.


As you can see, central heating time switches will make your life much easier. They will ensure your home is always comfortably warm. Moreover, you can expect your utility bills to be much lower. So, get a time switch and enjoy the warmth of your home.


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