The Difference Between Timer and Time switch

//The Difference Between Timer and Time switch

The Difference Between Timer and Time switch

The Timer is controlled by the running system or man-made, preset time (the setting time is according to the system or manual) switched ON or OFF, it also can repeat on or off immediately. Timer is not associated with instant time.


What is time switch?

The Time switch is setting for a day or a week, it open and close depending on the setting time according to the working 24 hours or a week circulatory.


The difference Between Timer and Time switch.

The Timer controls the time from when the power is turned on or the input signal is supplied to when the operation starts. On the other hand, the Time Switch controls the time of day at which the operation starts with the power on.

For example, If you want a machine to work every 10 minutes, you need to control it with a timer and set the program with 10 minutes. And if you want the machine to start automatically at 8 a.m. and automatically shut down at 5 p.m., you need a time switch to control it.

The timer is like an hourglass. The length of the work is the same in every time. And time switch is like an alarm clock, when you set it up, it starts at the same time every day.

In short, the timer is irrelevant to instant time, and time switch makes the action based on time.

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