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    ASY series Digital Timer Relay

    ASY series digital timer is a time-limited type of timer. It have a variety of...

    What Is a Digital Timer Relay?

    A relay is a switch that is electrically operated and it consists of a set of input terminals and another set of operating contact terminals. Now that you know what it is, the question is — why do people use a digital timer relay?

    Well, if you need to control a circuit with a low-power source, then a digital timer relay will come in handy. Also, if you need to control multiple circuits at the same time — digital timer relays are the way to go. Most often, you can trigger a time relay by:

    – Opening or closing a trigger signal
    – Applying an input voltage

    Of course, you can use them for commercial, industrial, and residential purposes. Some of the settings you’ll find on your digital timer relay are:

    – Delayed start
    – Delayed stop
    – Cycle settings
    – Pulse delay relay.

    Types of Digital Timer Relays

    There are four main types of digital time relays:

    1. Normally-Open, Time-Closed Contact

    Here, the contact is normally open while the coil is unpowered. When you apply power to the coil, the contact will close.

    2. Normally-Open, Timed-Open Contact

    Similar to the previous type, the contact is open while the coil is unpowered. But unlike the NOTC contact, here the timing action will happen upon de-energizing the coil.

    3. Normally-Closed, Timed-Open Contact

    When the coil is unpowered, the contact is closed. After you’ve applied power to the coil for a specific amount of time, the contact will open.

    4. Normally-Closed, Timed-Closed Contact

    Just like the previous type, the contact is not open when the coil is unpowered. But the timing action will occur when the coil is de-energized.

    Applications of Digital Timer Relays

    Digital timer relays are most often found in engine auto-start controls and flashing light controls. What’s more, you can use digital timer relays for furnace safety purge controls and motor soft-start controls. For example, you should vent your furnace of any potentially flammable gasses before you can re-light it. To do so, you can use a digital timer relay to control when the vent starts working and how long it works.