LETOP: Alion Set Up New Sales Service Center in 2022

At the beginning of 2020, the sudden outbreak of the epidemic brought varying degrees of impact on enterprises. Although China’s economy has continued to be optimistic in recent years, in the short term, the impact of the epidemic still has a continuous impact on business operations. The “winter is coming” for the world’s supply chains and enterprises, facing severe survival challenges under the epidemic. ALION is no exception.
(The problem of the world, our change is to solve the problem and bring help to the world.)

Although ALION’s order volume is increasing day by day, and the company’s development is showing a positive trend, under the epidemic situation, it is more and more difficult to purchase materials, and logistics has become a major problem for us. (difficulty)

In times of crisis, there is both danger and opportunity. For enterprise managers, the strategic direction should be adjusted in a timely manner to adapt to the current economic development path. We realize that in order to cope with the real dilemma and push ALION to a higher level, the time has come to make changes.

In view of the reasons for the urgent need to change, we have sorted out:
First, the epidemic has put forward higher requirements on our supply chain management. Material procurement must match the increasing order volume, provide customers with higher-quality products in time, and save customers’ time and cost of waiting for products.
Second, the growing production scale requires a higher level of enterprise management capabilities. The importance of business management to the long-term development of an enterprise is self-evident.
Third, in order to meet more personalized customer needs, we must continuously improve our technology research and development capabilities and continue to provide customers with better products and services.

ALION always wants to give customers the best products. Customers who choose ALION have passed on our trust, and building ALION is our feedback for this trust. Although the current difficulties force us to make adjustments and changes in a timely manner, our original intention to continue to build a good brand and serve customers has never changed. We want ALION to better provide customers with a full range of services and create more reliable and cost-effective electrical control components for customers. Therefore, we set up a brand new sales service center LETOP.

What is the meaning of LETOP?

LE – “Le”, meaning HAPPY.
LE – “encouragement”, keep pushing, and constantly self-adjust.
LE – “Lee”, the success of our customers is our success.
TOP is the vision in our hearts.

The new sales and service center LETOP, together with ALION, will bring win-win results to customers. Based on ALION’s 26 years of experience in production management and technology development, we believe:

  1. We will continue to provide customers with higher quality products, and more professional and comprehensive services. We will use our own experience and testing laboratory to screen out more excellent partners, provide customers with more high-quality products, and save customers’ time and trial and error costs in searching for suppliers.
  2. We pursue to improve service quality and efficiency in an all-round way and hope to make breakthroughs to bring better services to customers, so that customers can enjoy higher quality and high standard services as soon as possible, and get more timely responses.
  3. The effect of the combination of dual brands will also be reflected in the improvement of production management capabilities and technological research and development capabilities. Separating the production and sales links allows us to have clearer goals, be more professional, and focus on doing things well. We will invest more and better resources respectively so that production and sales can be linked in both directions. The times promote the steady development of enterprises.
  4. The division of labor is to be more focused and to make breakthroughs in both production and sales.

As our factory, ALION will focus on production management and technology development in the future. As a developer with 26 years of experience, ALION will focus more on the production and research, and development of products, continue to provide customers with high-quality and stable quality products and develop more products that meet market needs and can meet customer personalized customization to cater to customers. demand, and strive to reassure every customer.
As our marketing center, LETOP will focus on sales management and supply chain integration in the future. For each customer, LETOP will arrange a special person to connect with to ensure to provide more high-quality, in-place, and comprehensive services, including customer demand discussion, personalized customized services, and follow-up order follow-up. LETOP is committed to creating a sales platform that meets customer needs and pursues a win-win situation and strives to satisfy every customer.

Making a change is not an easy task for brands. The biggest challenge we face today is how to make the changed brand continue to gain the trust and recognition of users. But we believe that good products speak for themselves. In the future, ALION and LETOP will jointly provide customers with good services and products, and work with customers to welcome our bright future.

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