11WRUPS Protection Relay

11WRUPS is the relay to prevent the reverse run of three-phase induction motor. In addition the power surge absorber to prevent high voltage,
which can effectively protect the load with phase sequence, phase lack protection function.

  • Available 3 wire or 4 wire
  • Adjustable over & under voltage control
  • Power Supply:
    3 x 110V AC, 3 x 220V AC, 3 x 380V AC, 3 x 400V AC , 3 x 415V AC, 3 x 440V AC.
  • Universal wide operating voltage range: Rated voltage adjustable ±30%
  • Socket mounted with a PF113A(E) Socket
  • Contact version :SPCO output
  • LED fault indication

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Voltage220Vac or 380Vac
Frequency50/60 Hz

Technical Data

Indicator operatingNormal
Contact rating16A 250VAC(Resistive load)
LifeElectrical 1×100000 times; Mechanical 5×1000000 times
Insulation resistance100MΩ(DC 500V)min
Dielectric strength1500VAC
Consumed power3VA
Ambient temperature-10℃~+55℃
Ambient humidity48~85%RH

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11WRUPS protection relay

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