AHC15A-U Weekly Digital Time Switch

AHC15A-U allows you to quickly copy the set of programs through the Memory key, without computer or smart phone. It can drastically reduce duplication of work. Unit is applicable to large projects who needs to set up a large number of timers for the same program.

● Copy & Save programs and pluse times
● Daily and weekly program
● 20 ON/OFF program
● 38 pulse programs(1s~59m59s)
● Countdown program(1s~59m59s)
● 12/24 hour format conversion
● Calculated switching times
● Integrated operating hour counter
● Auto-correct time(-30 sec ≤△t≤30 sec)
● Preset date and time
● Permanent switching ON/OFF
● Integrated operating hour counter
● Built-in lithium battery,power failure memory

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Weekly Program

ON/OFF Program


Number of Programs

5 Years

Power Reserve

2 Modules

Mph Product Width

DIN Rail

Way to Install

Product Selection

VoltageAC/DC 12V or AC/DC 24V or AC 110Vor AC220V
Frequency50Hz or 60Hz
Terminal3 or 5
Switching capacity16A or 20A

Maximum Recommended Load (10,000 operations)

Filament / Halogen lamp 230VEnergy saving lampsLED lamp < 2 WLED lamp 2–8 WLED lamp > 8 WFluorescent lamp load (electronic ballast)
2600 W170 W30 W100 W120 W650 W

Technical Data

Fluorescent lamp load (conventional) not corrected1000VA
Fluorescent lamp load (conventional)series-corrected1000VA
Fluorescent lamp load (conventional)parallel-corrected730 VA 80μF
Minimum interval1 Min.
Time accuracy at 25 °C≤± 2 Sek./day (quartz)
Power reserveApprox. 5 years
Housing and insulation materialSelf-extinguishing thermoplastic
Type of protectionIP 20
Class of protectionII according to EN 60 730-1
Permitted ambient temperature-10 ~ +50 °C (non-icing)
Test approvalCE

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AHC15A-U manual

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AHC15A-U series digital weekly time switch

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