AHC15D Multi Voltage Time Switch

AHC15D multi-voltage time switch is designed for voltage instability in some countries or regions, the unit is also suitable for multinational companies to reduce the stock for the same product in different markets.

  • 1 channel
  • Daily and weekly program
  • 20 ON/OFF program
  • 20 pulse programs(1s~59m59s)
  • Countdown program(1s~59m59s)
  • 12/24 hour format conversion
  • Calculated switching times
  • Integrated operating hour counter
  • Auto-correct time(-30 sec ≤△t≤30 sec)
  • Preset date and time
  • Permanent switching ON/OFF
  • Integrated operating hour counter
  • Built-in lithium battery,power failure memory

Product Selection

Voltage 85~265 VAC
Frequency 50Hz or 60Hz
Terminal 5
Switching capacity 16A

Maximum Recommended Load (10,000 operations)

Filament / Halogen lamp 230V Energy-saving lamps LED lamp < 2 W LED lamp 2–8 W LED lamp > 8 W Fluorescent lamp load (electronic ballast)
2600 W 170 W 30 W 100 W 120 W 650 W

Technical Data

Fluorescent lamp load (conventional) not corrected 1000VA
Fluorescent lamp load (conventional)series-corrected 1000VA
Fluorescent lamp load (conventional)parallel-corrected 730 VA 80μF
Minimum interval 1 Min.
Time accuracy at 25 °C ≤± 2 Sek./day (quartz)
Housing and insulation material Self-extinguishing thermoplastic
Type of protection IP 20
Class of protection II according to EN 60 730-1
Permitted ambient temperature -10 ~ +50 °C (non-icing)
Test approval CE


AHC15D multi-voltage time switch fits for the particular use of the following tasks: Illumination of private and industrial areas, street and shop-window lighting, regulation of air conditioning, flushing, motors, pumps, plants, and machinery as well as to simulate presence, etc.




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