GRT8-A/B Timer On Delay

GRT8-A/B timer on delay is suitable for applications where function and time requirements are known. Time switch, possible to be used for pump decay time after switching the heating off switching of fans.

  • Single-function relay with the possibility of time sitting by a potentiometer.
  • Choice of 2 functions:
    A: Delay ON
    B: Delay OFF
  • Time scale 0.1 s – 10 days divided into 10 ranges.
  • Relay status is indicated by LED.
  • 1-MODULE, DIN rail mounting.

Product Selection

Function A: delay ON; B delay OFF
Voltage range AC 230V(50-60Hz)
Output 1* SPDT 2*SPDT
Switching voltage 250VAC/24VDC

Technical Data

Supply terminals A1-A2
Voltage range AC/DC 12-240V(50-60Hz)
Burden AC 0.09-3VA/DC 0.05-1.7W
Voltage range AC 230V(50-60Hz)
Power input AC max.6VA/1.3W AC max.6VA/1.9W
Supply voltage tolerance -15% +10%
Supply indication Green LED
Time ranges 0.1s-10days,ON,OFF
Time setting Potentiometer
Time deviation 10%-mechanical setting
Repeat accuracy 0.2%-set value stability
Temperature coecient 0.05%/ ℃,at=20℃ (0.05% ℉ at= 68 ℉ )
Current rating 1 16A(AC1) 2 16A(AC1)
Switching voltage 250VAC/24VDC
Min.breaking capacity DC 500mW
Output indication Red LED
Mechanical life 1*10³
Electrical life(AC1) 1*10³
Reset time Max.200ms
Operating temperature -20℃ to +50℃ (-4 ℉ to 131 ℉ )
Storage temperature -35℃ to +75℃ (-22 ℉ to 158 ℉ )
Mounting/DIN rail Din rail EN/IEC 60715
Protection degree IP40 for front panel/IP20 terminals
max .cable size(mm) Solid wire max.1* 2. 5or 2* 1 .5 with sleeve max.1* 2. 5 (AWG 12)
Dimensions 90* 18* 64mm
Weight SPDT W240 60g,A230-59g 2* SPDT W240 81g,A230-79g
Standards EN 61812-1,IEC6947-5-1





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