H3BA Series Mechanical Timer Relay

H3BA series Multi-range analogue timer is a time-limited type of timer. It have a variety of time setting ranges and voltages you can choose, it mainly used for equipment control.

  • Time setting range of 0.5s to 100h
  • Handles a wide range of applications through eight operating modes.
  • 2 modes selectable via slide switch: Mode A (2C) for DPDT time-limiting output contacts and Mode B (1A1C) for SPDT instantaneous and time-limiting output contacts.
  • Big and easy to read dial shows decimal points.
  • Timing LED Indicates Output Relay Status.

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Technical Data

Indicator operatingTime operating flicker
Contact rating250VAC 5A (resistive load)
LifeElectrical 1×100000 times; Mechanical 5×1000000 times
AccuracyRepeat error: ±1.0%max; Setting error: ±10.0%max; Voltage error: ±1.0%max; Temperature error ±2.0%max
Reset timeMax 0.1 sec
Insulation resistance100MΩ(DC 500V)min
Class of protection1500 VAC
Permitted ambient temperature-10 ~ +50 °C (non-icing)
Power consumption100-240VAC:1VA; 12VDC,24-240VDC:1.5W

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H3BA Series Mechanical Timer Relay

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