TBS Outdoor Lighting Timer Box

TBS outdoor lighting timer box is a smaller wall mounting type of time switch, the unit can be mounted in the indoor or outdoor enclosure.

  • 1 channel
  • 96 switching segments
  • Simple summer/winter time correction
  • Finger-safe terminals
  • Quartz controlled
  • Switching status display
  • Clock hands for time display
  • With power reserve (Nickel-metal hydride battery replacement)

Product Selection

Voltage 230Vac
Frequency 50/60Hz
Switching capacity 20A

Maximum Recommended Load (10,000 operations)

Filament / Halogen lamp Motor load(cos∅=0.7) Fluorescent lamp load (conventional) parallel-corrected
2300 W AC110.750W AC220V.1500W 1300VA 70uF

Technical Data

Time accuracy at 25 °C ≤± 2 Sek./day (quartz)
Power reserve 300 hours
Type of contact Not potential-free
Type of protection IP 20
Class of protection II according to EN 60 730-1
Housing and insulation material High-temperature resistant, self-extinguishing thermoplastic
Test approval CE
Power consumption 3 VA


TBS outdoor lighting timer box fits for the particular use of the following tasks: Billboard or Showcase lighting, Air-condition or Commercial Refrigeration, Pumps/ Motor/ Geyser/Fan Control, Hydroponic Systems, Wastewater Treatment Systems, Generator Exercising, Boilers / Heater Control, Pool & Spa, etc.



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