Top 10 Time Delay Relay Manufacturers & Brands

The relay with time delay manufacturers or brands listed in this blog offers a diverse range of high-quality products tailored to industrial and commercial applications. 

Known for their reliability, precision timing control, and durability, these brands provide solutions that meet stringent industry standards. 

With features such as customizable timing functions, robust construction, and user-friendly interfaces, they cater to the diverse needs of automation professionals and ensure optimal performance in demanding environments. 

Whether used in HVAC systems, automotive applications, pump control, or lighting systems, these manufacturers’ time delay relays deliver consistent and dependable operation, making them trusted choices for critical timing applications.

10 Best Relay with Time Delay Manufacturers or Brands You Can Trust

1. Omron Corporation

Omron is renowned for its high-quality time delay relays. 

Their best-selling product, the H3CR-A8, offers versatile timing functions and reliable performance, making it suitable for various industrial applications.

2. Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric is a trusted name in the industry, known for its innovative time delay relay solutions. 

Their Zelio Time series includes the RE22 and RE48 models, which feature precise timing control and robust construction for reliable operation.

3. Eaton Corporation

Eaton’s time delay relays are widely used in industrial automation and control systems. 

The ETR4 series, including the ETR4-70-A, offers adjustable timing functions and a compact design, making it ideal for space-constrained applications.

4. ABB Group

ABB manufactures a range of time delay relays known for their durability and performance. 

The CT range, particularly the CT-D timer, is popular for its user-friendly interface and flexible timing options, catering to diverse application needs.

5. Siemens AG

Siemens is a trusted provider of time delay relay solutions for industrial and commercial applications. 

Their Sirius 3RP25 series, featuring models like the 3RP1505-1BW30, offers precise timing control and easy integration with PLCs and control systems.

6. TE Connectivity

TE Connectivity produces reliable time delay relays for various industries. 

Their Potter & Brumfield T9G series, including the T9GQ1A13-12, is known for its high accuracy and long-term reliability, making it suitable for critical timing applications.

7. IDEC Corporation

IDEC offers a range of time delay relays known for their performance and durability. 

The RTE series, featuring models like the RTE-P11, offers customizable timing functions and easy installation, making it popular among automation professionals.

8. Phoenix Contact

Phoenix Contact manufactures robust time delay relays designed for industrial applications. 

Their ETD-BL series, including the ETD-BL-1T-F, offers precise timing control and compact design, making it suitable for space-constrained installations.

9. Crouzet (a brand of Schneider Electric)

Crouzet, a brand of Schneider Electric, specializes in reliable time delay relay solutions. 

Their SYRELEC series, featuring models like the SYR-5060, offers customizable timing functions and high resistance to environmental factors, ensuring reliable operation in harsh conditions.

10. Finder S.p.A.

Finder is known for its high-quality time delay relays used in industrial automation. 

The 80 series, including the 80.01, offers versatile timing functions and a wide range of time settings, making it suitable for various applications in control and automation systems.

Best Time Delay Relay Manufacturer in China: ALION

ALION stands out as a leading manufacturer of time delay relays in China, offering a wide range of reliable and cost-effective solutions for industrial and commercial applications. 

Their advantages include:

  • High-Quality Products: ALION’s time delay relays are built to meet stringent quality standards, ensuring long-term reliability and performance in demanding environments.
  • Customization Options: They provide customization services to tailor time delay relay solutions to meet specific application requirements, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.
  • Technical Support: ALION offers comprehensive technical support to assist customers with product selection, installation, and troubleshooting, ensuring a seamless experience throughout the product lifecycle.

Recommended Time Delay Relay Products from ALION:

Floatless Relay

ALION’s floatless relays are ideal for automatic water supply and drainage control in industrial and municipal settings, offering reliable and efficient operation.

Protection Relay

Critical for ensuring the stability and safety of electrical power grids, ALION’s protection relays offer advanced features and robust performance to safeguard critical components and prevent system failures.

Modular Timer Relay

ALION’s modular timer relays play an essential role in motor control applications, providing precise timing functions and ensuring efficient and reliable operation of motors in industrial machinery and equipment.

Multifunction Timer Relay

Versatile and adaptable, ALION’s multifunction timer relays offer multi-range timing capabilities, catering to a wide range of timing requirements in diverse industrial and commercial applications.

For more information about ALION’s time delay relay products and services, visit their website or contact their technical team for personalized assistance.


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