How to Test a Time Relay

To test a time relay, apply power to the relay coil and monitor the activation time using a stopwatch or timer. 


Compare the measured time with the relay’s specified operating time to ensure it functions within the expected range.

How a Timer Relay Works

A timer relay operates in several phases: activation, delay, and deactivation. 


Upon receiving a control signal, the relay’s coil energizes, triggering a switch mechanism that initiates the delay period. 


During the delay phase, the contacts remain in their original state, and after the preset time elapses, the relay deactivates, returning the contacts to their initial position.

How to Wire a Timer Relay

Step 1: Identify Terminals

Determine the function of each terminal on the timer relay, including power supply, control input, and output contacts.

Step 2: Prepare Wiring

Strip insulation from the ends of the wires and prepare them for connection to the relay terminals.

Step 3: Connect the Power Supply

Connect the power supply wires to the appropriate terminals, ensuring correct polarity.

Step 4: Connect Control Input

Attach the control signal wires to the designated input terminals of the relay.

Step 5: Connect Load

Wire the load (output device) to the relay’s output contacts, ensuring proper connection for the desired switching action.

Electrical Symbols: Timer Relay

The electrical symbol for a timer relay typically consists of a rectangular box representing the relay body with various lines and symbols inside. 


Common elements include a coil symbol representing the relay’s electromagnetic coil, along with contact symbols indicating the switch positions and their respective states.


Wiring diagram timer relay Credits to Alion


How to Test Timer Relays

Step 1: Inspect Relay Contacts

Visually inspect the relay contacts for signs of damage or wear, such as burning or pitting.

Step 2: Check Coil Resistance

Measure the resistance across the relay coil terminals using a multimeter to ensure it falls within the specified range.

Step 3: Apply Control Signal

Apply a control signal to the relay coil and monitor the switch contacts for proper operation, listening for audible clicks.

Step 4: Verify Timing

Activate the relay and measure the delay period using a stopwatch or timer to ensure it aligns with the specified time delay.

How to Reset Time of Relay Timers

Step 1: Access Timer Controls

Locate the timer controls or adjustment knobs on the relay unit.

Step 2: Adjust Time Setting

Use a screwdriver or knob to rotate the timer adjustment dial or digital interface to set the desired time delay.

Step 3: Verify Settings

After adjusting the time, verify the new setting by testing the relay’s operation to ensure it responds correctly to the control signal.

Relay Timer: FAQs

How do you test relays with a multimeter?

To test a relay with a multimeter, set the meter to the resistance or continuity mode. 


Then, measure the resistance across the relay coil terminals and check for continuity between the relay contacts in different switch positions.

How to check time delay relay?

To check a time delay relay, apply a control signal to the relay coil and monitor the timing of the switch contacts using a stopwatch or timer. 


Verify that the relay activates and deactivates after the specified delay period.



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