Alion is one of top 3 Time Switch Supplier in China,  and also supplying time control products. Alion has become a well-known OEM supplier of time switch products and solutions provider. According to industry requirements and characteristics of the industry, a total of 52 class time switch ALION has passed CE marking and China Compulsory Certification.

It all started with the time switch by the company founder Xu Xinyang in 1994. From then Alion is focused on digital time switch and analogue time switch 23 years and offer more than 20 years of OEM solutions. We completed at least 1,500 successful digital time switch and analogue time switch OEM projects. 118 global electrical brands to cooperate with us for more than 5 years. 

Whether it’s to time switch on lights or dim them when people in or around buildings need them to work comfortably or to see safely in the dark. This is how all of our products contributes towards energy efficiency and sustainable savings in energy use.


  • 1994  Wenzhou ALION Electronics Co., Ltd. Founded by Mr. Xu Xinyang.

  • 1997  Found our first foreign customer from Canton Fair.

  • 1998  Built the R&D Lab own ourselves.

  • 1999  Launch of 10 categories of time switches.

  • 2004  Completed 100 OEM projects.

  • 2009  Passed ISO9001 quality management system certification.

  • 2010  Completed 1000 OEM projects.

  • 2013  Passed ISO14001 environment management system certification

  • 2013  Passed OHSMS18001 occupation health safety management system certification.

  • 2014  Implemented the “Excellent Performance Management”

  • 2015  Perfected our Technical team and after-sale service team.

  • 2016  Completed 1500 OEM projects.

  • 2017  Look forward to helping more partners to carry out OEM projects.

 Corporate Culture 

Adhering to and constantly optimize the technology, quality, service, cost and other core operation factors that ALION has formed upon years of practice.

Everyone in Alion understands that our cultural advantage must never lose.

  • Insist on the focus on industry to strengthen main business;

  • Insist on resource integration and performance enhancement;

  • Insist on guidance by science and technology and comprehensive innovation;

  • Insist on adapting to the environment and taking every opportunity;

  • Insist on people orientation and achievement sharing;

  • Insist on honesty and law-abidance and repaying to the society;

  • Insist on humility, practicalism, harmony and happiness.

Quality Assurance

Advanced inspection technology and equipment are the basic assurance for quality control. We has set up the products testing center totally equipped with 67 sets (pieces) of testing equipment of different categories. In addition to the “Three Inspection” system (first article inspection, patrol inspection, completion inspection), we also conduct to monitor the potential quality problems real-timely and eliminate them as soon as possible.


The quality of ALION is backed by numerous international certifications. For products safety and behaviour, our products are CE and CCC certified for European and Chinese regulations respectively. For quality management, we are certified to be in accordance to ISO 9001: 2008 which specifies for corporate processes towards products quality and customers satisfactions assurance.

 Active Team 

Dedicated Time Switch R&D Team

We have own Time Switch R&D team that involves 2 experienced structural engineers, 1 software engineer and 2 circuit engineers.

After the Time Switch product has entered the market, you can send your feedback to our after-sale service team. Our Time Switch R&D team will improve and develop the products according to your feedback and suggestions.

When you send an inquiry about our Time Switch product, our professional top sales will contact you within 24 hours. You can get a well-prepared quotation in 2 working days as soon as we know your requirement. We know well enough what to do to cooperate with our clients, as we are really familiar to do so.

Xu Beite

Sale and marketing director

“For 5 years, Alion and I together grow and develop to be a provider of reliable Time Switch solutions for our customers, I am proud of we have achieved more than 400 successful OEM/ODM project. We will keep moving to provide better service to our clients”

Xia Keqi

Product manager

“We succeed because we provide the end to end Time Switch solution, support, and competitiveness, a personal service that you cannot get anywhere else. Everybody in the company understands that our cultural advantage must never lose.”

Xia Quan

Technical manager
“Meeting different requirements from customers are huge challenges, which we tireless, and constantly improve the our Time Switch Solutions also allows us to become a better company. We are very serious to solve the technical problem for our clients.”