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Relé Temporizador Modular

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ALION modular timer relay is an electronic control device that can open or close a circuit under specific settings. It can realize that different control circuits control one or more circuits. Current monitoringliquid level monitoringvoltage protection, and timing switches (e.g. delay on delay off) can all be operated and implemented through ALION modular timer relay. These modular timer relays are used in industry, agriculture, public facilities, and many other fields to meet any timing needs.


Modular Timer Relay is widely used in industry, agriculture, and public facilities for equipment control and safety. Continue to view more application scenarios of Modular Timer Relay.

modular timer relay used in Factory Production Line

Factory Production Line

The production line automatically switches on and off to reduce manual intervention and improve efficiency.

modular timer relay used in Business Building

Business Building Air Conditioning Control

Set the start/stop time of the air conditioning system to save energy.

modular timer relay used in school bell timer

School Bell Timer

Set the School Bell Ringing at a specific time to maintain the order of students in school.

modular timer relay used in Greenhouse Lighting

Greenhouse Lighting

Set scheduled lighting according to crop growth needs to promote the growth of crops.

modular timer relay used in Agricultural Irrigation Water Tank Monitoring

Agricultural Irrigation Water Tank Monitoring

Detect the liquid level in irrigation water tanks to ensure rational use of water resources.

modular timer relay used in household voltage protection

Household Voltage Protection

Monitors voltage to avoid damage to household electrical equipment.

Benefício principal

A montagem em trilho DIN é um método para instalar componentes elétricos, como disjuntores e equipamentos de controle industrial, dentro de racks de equipamentos, gabinetes elétricos ou em paredes.

Um módulo refere-se a uma parte independente de um dispositivo eletrônico que executa uma função específica. Em equipamentos eletrônicos, refere-se ao módulo eletrônico que controla a função e as características de temporização da chave.

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Your Basic Guide to Installing ALION Modular Timer Relay

Modular timer relays are important components in industrial, agricultural, public facilities, and other industry applications, providing precise timing control for various equipment. As a manufacturer of modular timer relays, Alion provides you with a basic installation guide. If you want to know more details, please feel free to contact us!

before you start

  • Before installing the Alion modular timer relay, please prepare the following points:
  • lModular timer relay unit
  • Tools suitable for installation and wiring
  • Wiring diagram provided by Alion
  • Power off
  • Installation step guide
  • Deploy the installation environment and installation location: Ensure that the installation environment is standardized and meets the usage requirements of modular timer relays.

 Step of Install the modular timer relay

Next, it’s time to follow the steps to install your modular timer relay.

  1. Turn off the power supply: Before starting, please ensure that the power supply of the corresponding circuit is turned off to provide a higher safety factor.
  2. Select the location: The most basic function of the modular timing relay is to open or close the circuit, so choosing the appropriate location is the basic factor of installation. At the same time, you need to ensure that the installation location meets the temperature, humidity, and ventilation requirements specified in the application.
  3. Installation: Alion’s modular timer relay design is 100% installed using DIN rails, making it highly portable. It’s easy to do by simply snapping it onto the DIN rail in your electrical panel.
  4. Wiring: Each Alion product is equipped with a wiring diagram, and the supply terminal specifications of most products are A1 – A2. You can use the appropriate gauge of wire based on the voltage and current requirements of your specific application.
  5. Configuration: In different application scenarios, the required settings and operating modes of modular timer relays are different. It may involve: setting delay time, selecting sensitivity, selecting current range, setting cycle time range, etc.
  6. Test: After wiring and configuration is completed, power on and test. The status of the relay can be easily seen via the red or green LED indicator light.
  7. External protection: In some outdoor application scenarios, the relay needs to be protected. For example: parks, basins, reservoirs, farmland, etc. to prevent them from being affected by dust, moisture, and other factors.
  8. Safety: Always follow safety procedures and guidelines when using electrical equipment. If you have any questions, please consult Alion’s after-sales personnel.

You need to know that different models of modular timer relays have different usage parameters. Please be sure to read the most detailed information on each product detail page before installation.

Modular Timer Relay Manufacturer

Alion has an impressive track record as a prominent player in the field of modular timer relays. Boasting 25 years of modular timer relay production experience and a sprawling 10,8361m² factory area in Wenzhou, Alion stands out for its commitment to excellence.

With 16 production lines ensuring a short turnover time and 25 years of modular timer relay OEM experience, Alion has completed 1880 OEM projects, exporting its products to 42 countries worldwide. As a reliable supplier for esteemed companies like ABB, Chint, Perry, Hager, Finder, Hellermanntyton, and more, Alion has carved a niche for itself in the industry.

We recommend exploring Alion’s diferente type of Modular Timer Relay, benefitting from their extensive production expertise, top-notch facilities, and a proven history of supplying reputable brands. With a dedicated team of 120 front-line employees, Alion is poised to provide innovative and reliable time management solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Investing in Alion’s products ensures not only the expertise garnered over decades but also a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Join the ranks of satisfied users worldwide and elevate your time management experience with Alion.

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