Take advantage of our 25 years of industry experience to gain market advantage

From 1994 ALION has focused on Time Switches and Timer relay for 25 years. With our huge experience, you are in safe hands. We see ourselves not as your supplier but as your partner. We will work with you at the outset to formulate your brilliant idea, develop feasibility studies, draw up realistic budgets and set out a project plan with precisely defined milestones. From hard and software development, prototyping and serial production are carried-out in our premises. This allows us to advise and support you through the complete development process. 

Manufacturing Capacity

Production Management

The high standard of quality as well as the reliability of our products are major goals in our company’s philosophy.
ALION assembly department has a total of 16 production lines for assembling various products. Each floor has a space of 1,813 m2(2 floors) with central air conditioning, ventilation system and fire fighting equipment, which allows our staff to focus on working in a bright, comfortable and safe environment. Our brilliant technicians have developed a number of jigs and fixtures to help our highly skilled workers become more efficient. During the manufacturing process itself, the 100% final inspection ensures that each of our products leaves our company in flawless conditions. All of this ultimately allowed us to enhances product quality and increases productivity, and to reduce the execution time of orders.

Quality Control

Quality Management

Quality means for us not only a test result, but also the main objective during the whole production process.
ALION experienced technicians have developed test equipment themselves, and with PC software to test products more accurately and meticulously. In addition to the “Three Inspection” system (first article inspection, patrol inspection, completion inspection), we also conduct to monitor the potential quality problems real-timely and eliminate them as soon as possible. We call on all the people in the company to participate in the continuous improvement of product quality and the management of the whole process from research and development to final serial production. Quality control and the various quality tools are integrated into the overall production process covering from conception to final delivery.

RD Capacity

R&D Management

Taking responsibility, thinking like and understanding our customers are key characteristics of our development team members.
Whether you want to develop new products or change technical specs to suit your market, you can rely on us. We have 22 years of experience in developing and manufacturing customer-specific solutions. Our engineers the most have well-known state-owned enterprises or enterprises work experience. The completed OEM Standard operation process is running and improving every day. From design to final delivery, we accompany you throughout the process.

Comprehensive offer of products and services

Customizing is our daily business. All products can be customized according to your desires such like different color, other technical specs...

1. Requirement

Definition of your product requirement, discuss the feasibility with us. Measure the feasibility of product development to meet your needs.

2. Development

The core function Development and production of customer-specific requirements (software, electrical engineering, mechanics, construction, product design).

3. Testing

Up to 26 reliability testing in our in-house test laboratory to ensure the product.

4. Production

From small trial production to mass production to improve production with 100% final testing and controlling defective products within 2%-5%.

5. Improvement

We have continuous quality assurance in line with ISO 9001: 2015 through standard system and process management.

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