Our 25 Years of Experiences Shape Who We Are

ALION has over 25 years of experience in creating time switches and timer relays that will allow you to have the edge over your competitors. Our job is to provide you with space and tools you need to execute your ideas to perfection. Our experts will guide you in the development of your idea and feasibility studies, and help you plan and meet precise deadlines — at a budget that suits you best.

Manufacturing Capacity

Production Management

Our assembly department features 16 production lines which ensure we’re building your products with total precision and as quickly as we can. ALION’s experts are always busy creating new fixtures and jigs to help all of us become even more efficient.


We build our products with the goal of being reliable, and always strive to raise the bar when it comes to quality. Each of the two floors in ALION has a ventilation system, central air, fire fighting equipment; so our employees can focus on your project, without any distractions.

Quality Control

Quality Management

Our thorough quality control process is a great part of creating a product, from start to completion. ALION’s in-house experts have been developing our testing equipment for years, and use powerful PC software to test everything accurately.


Our process features a “Three Inspection” system, which consists of article inspection, patrol inspection and completion inspection.


We also keep an eye out for any potential quality problems during the entire process. That way, we can fix them straight away.

RD Capacity

R&D Management

ALION’s OEM standard operation system works at incredibly high efficiency and is something we work on improving daily. Our engineers are seasoned pros and have many years of experience behind them.


Moreover, our many years in the industry allow us to immerse ourselves in the whole process of creating your product. Whether you want a solution that is perfectly tailored to your needs, or want to change a few technical specs — you can rely on us. We want to help you create the perfect solution for you, and are always proud of every product that leaves our premises.

Our Process

We deal with custom orders all day, every day. Every product is made to meet your needs, so you can change anything from color to technical specs.

1. Requirement

Defining your product requirements and let’s talk about the feasibility. And we'll assess the feasibility of product development to meet your needs.

2. Development

The production and development of your software, mechanics, electrical engineering, product design, and construction requirements.

3. Testing

We have over 30 perfect testing equipment in our internal R&D lab to ensure your product is built to last.

4. Production

This step includes both small trial production and mass production; the final testing is elaborate and ensures the rate of defective products is within 2–5%.

5. Improvement

Our constant quality assurance complies with ISO 9001: 2015, to make sure your product is always at its best.

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