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Multifunction Timer Relay

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Use Alion Multifunction Timer Relays to help you achieve precise time control. Take our ASY industrial timer relay 120v as an example. Compact design, crystal oscillator accuracy, and push wheel switches ensure precise time settings. Featuring a 7-segment display, high-intensity red LED, and power indicator light for enhanced visibility. Besides, our timer relays with a narrow width save space, offering up to 70% space savings compared to conventional relays. Suitable for various industrial environments, our relays offer selectable time ranges and voltages to meet your needs.


Multifunction Timer Relays are indispensable in industrial automation, controlling processes such as conveyor belt systems and monitoring production sequences.

Factory Equipment

Widely integrated into factory equipment, Multifunction Timer Relays ensure precise timing and control of operations, enhancing efficiency.

Marine Equipment

In marine applications, Multifunction Timer Relays facilitate delay timing and control functions, optimizing performance.

Electrical Cabinet Equipment

Multifunction Timer Relays are essential components in electrical cabinet equipment, providing timing and automation functionalities for various applications.

Street Lamps

Street Lamps: Used in street lamps, Multifunction Timer Relays efficiently schedule on/off cycles, improving energy efficiency and longevity.

Agricultural Automation Equipment

Crucial for agricultural automation, Multifunction Timer Relays optimize irrigation, ventilation, and feeding schedules for efficiency.

Residential and Commercial Settings

In homes and businesses, Multifunction Timer Relays control energy-efficient lighting and HVAC systems, saving costs and promoting sustainability.

Main Benefit

DIN rail mounting is a method for installing electrical components, such as circuit breakers and industrial control equipment, inside equipment racks, electrical cabinets, or on walls.

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We supply products to various reputable brands, including ABB, Chint, Perry, Hager, Finder, Hellermanntyton, and others.

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  • ALION multifunction timer relays provide enhanced anti-reverse functionality and immunity to interference while optimizing energy consumption. It is available in a variety of models, input voltages, timing options and mounting options to meet the needs of a variety of applications.
  • ALION timer relays feature a wide range of functions and safety settings, ensuring precise timing operation and reducing wiring complexity with solid-state outputs. Their service life is not affected by the number of operating cycles.
  • Our timer relays are designed to meet a wide range of timing needs while maintaining easy integration with new and existing systems. You can trust ALION for reliable timing solutions.

Timer Swicth Manufacturer FAQ

A timer and a timer relay differ in their functionality and application within electrical systems:


Timer: A timer is a device that measures time intervals and triggers an action based on preset timing parameters. It is typically used to control the timing of processes or events without the need for switching electrical circuits directly. Timers can be analog or digital and are commonly used in various applications where time-based control is required.


Timer Relay:

A timing relay is a simple form of time-based control, allowing the user to open or close the contacts based on a specified timing function.

They can be designed, for example, with a set of selector switches, which can easily be set to a specific function and time, thereby reducing the number of product variations required.Timer relays are more versatile as they can control the timing of processes while directly switching electrical loads, making them suitable for applications that require both timing control and circuit switching capabilities.


In summary, while a timer focuses solely on time measurement and triggering actions based on time intervals, a timer relay adds the functionality of controlling electrical circuits based on preset timing parameters, offering a more comprehensive solution for time-based control in electrical systems.


The main purpose of a timer relay is to control an event based on time. Timer relays are designed to provide time-based control by opening or closing contacts after a specified time delay. These relays can be used in various applications where functions need to be delayed or loads need to be maintained for a predetermined period. Timer relays play a crucial role in managing timing sequences within electrical circuits, allowing for precise timing control and automation of processes based on specific time intervals

The two main types of timing relays are the delay on type and the delay off type. The delay on type holds a circuit open for a specific amount of time before closing it, while the delay off type holds a circuit off for a specific amount of time before turning it on. These timing relays are essential components in various industrial applications, providing precise control over time intervals to optimize efficiency and productivity. Other types include interval-on-operate, flasher, and repeat cycle timers. Normally open, on-delay timers start timing when the input voltage (power) is applied.

Exploring Multifunction Timer Relay Applications and Leading Brands

Common Applications for Multifunction Timer Relays

Multifunction timer relays are versatile devices widely utilized across diverse industries. Here are common applications:

Industrial Automation:

Essential for controlling processes, monitoring production lines, and optimizing efficiency in industrial settings.

Efficiently turn equipment on or off at specific times, enhancing operational effectiveness.

Building Installations:

Provide precise time sequences for construction and maintenance tasks in building installations.

Offer cost-effective solutions with adjustable time settings for simple time control applications.

Discrete Automation:

Crucial for offering precise timing control in discrete automation applications.

Delay actions on or off, extend sensor signals, or execute switching commands at specific times.

Commercial Applications:

Used in commercial settings where timing circuits control the opening and closing of contacts in devices.

Improve operational efficiency by turning equipment on or off at specific times.

These applications underscore the versatility and significance of multifunction timer relays in enhancing efficiency, control, and automation across various industries and settings.

Popular Brands of Multifunction Timer Relays

Several reputable brands offer a diverse selection of multifunction timer relays tailored to various features and applications. Here are some of the most prominent brands:

Phoenix Contact:

Known for compact and space-saving ETD timer relays, ideal for basic time sequences in building installations and machine production. They offer a wide range of functions and time ranges for universal use.

Carlo Gavazzi:

Offers an extensive range of timers and time delay relays covering most timing functions, including On Delay, Interval, Off Delay, Recycler, and Star-Delta types. Available in single and multi-function options with various mounting styles.


Eaton’s Universal TR series, TMRP, TMR, and E5-248 timing relays offer flexibility, ease of use, and installation convenience. Compact designs save panel space, catering to diverse timing requirements with multiple mount options, input voltage ranges, timing ranges, and functionalities.


IDEC provides a variety of multi-range and multi-function timers with different models in each series. Their timers feature popular timing functions with high-power contacts, ensuring reliability across various applications.

Renowned for their quality, reliability, and extensive range of multifunction timer relays, these brands deliver precision timing control and user-friendly operation, meeting diverse industrial needs with ease.

As we conclude our exploration of trusted multifunction timer relay manufacturers, it’s essential to consider Alion, a distinguished player in the field with an impressive track record. Boasting 25 years of timer relay production experience and a sprawling 10,8361m² factory area in Wenzhou, Alion stands out for its commitment to excellence.

With 16 production lines ensuring a short turnover time and 22 years of timer relay OEM experience, Alion has successfully completed 1880 OEM projects, exporting its products to 42 countries worldwide. As a reliable supplier for esteemed companies like ABB, Chint, Perry, Hager, Finder, Hellermanntyton, and more, Alion has carved a niche for itself in the industry.

We recommend exploring Alion’s range of Multifunction Timer Relays, benefitting from their extensive production expertise, top-notch facilities, and a proven history of supplying reputable brands. With a dedicated team of 120 front-line employees, Alion is poised to provide innovative and reliable time management solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Investing in Alion’s products ensures not only the expertise garnered over decades but also a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Join the ranks of satisfied users worldwide and elevate your time management experience with Alion.

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