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ALION Photocell switches are used turning exterior lights on at sunset and off at dawn. Because they sense ambient light levels, photocells automatically adjust to seasonal changes in the day/night cycle and are unaffected by daylight-saving time.

Photocells controlling exterior lights combined with timers that turn on interior fixtures create the illusion of occupancy when you’re not home, which can deter intruders.

Other photocell uses include turning on parking-lot or street lights after dark, adjusting indoor dimmers to compensate for changing natural light levels or switching illuminated business signs on or off. photocells control an entire electrical circuit and are an ideal way to manage security or landscape lighting.


  • Motion sensors and photocells switch power on or off based on changing light levels or detected motion.
  • They’re compatible with many different types of light fixtures, and some work with security systems.
  • Save energy and enhance your home’s appearance and safety with these flexible controls.

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The differences between photocells and motion sensors offer many control options for indoor and outdoor lighting systems.

  • Use a combination photocell and motion sensor to activate security lights around your home, but only after dark.
  • Place a motion sensor and outdoor lights along a sidewalk or garden path to ensure safe footing when walking the dog or taking out the garbage at night.
  • Ensure decorative light fixtures are always on after dark using a photocell.
  • Combine a lamp, a plug-in photocell and a traditional light switch to create an automatic light you can turn on only when it’s needed.
  • Use motion sensors with integrated lights to provide hands-free stairway illumination.

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