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    Benefits of Bulb Timer Switch

    You can use an indoor timer switch to replace any indoor light switch to control any light in your home. Depending on the type of timer switch you choose, you can program it to automatically turn on and off the lights at least once a day.

    When you go out or arrive home every day, Alion time switch can make your home look like living at home. You can use the existing wires to connect your timer and your lights in your.

    Alion has provided customized home light time switches  for more than 1500+ projects around the world. We can offer custom time switch solutions according to your specifications – from idea generation to final serial production. electronic box.

    How the Light Bulb Timer Switch works to control the home lamp

    A light time switch is used to regulate an electric circuit to control your home lamp. It can improve the energy-efficiency and make it possible to control your home lighting remotely.

    Different time switches are available to achieve different functions, such as weekly, cycle and pulse programs, automatic summer and winter time changeover, automatic correct the time error, etc.

    Generally, a lamp power is less 400W, it can directly connect your time switch. But if you need to control several lamps, you will need connect a AC contactor first, or it may break your timer.

    Common Timer Switch Wiring Methods

    Direct Control Wiring

    When the electrical appliance to be controlled is a single-phase power supply, and the power consumption does not exceed the rated value of the switch (resistive load does not exceed 25A, the inductive load does not exceed 20A), we can use the direct control wiring method.

    Single-phase Wiring

    When the controlled appliance is single-phase power supply, but the power consumption exceeds the rated capacity of the switch (resistive load exceeds 25A, inductive load exceeds 20A), we need one AC modular contactor with a capacity exceeding the power consumption of the appliance to expand the capacity.

    Three-phase Wiring

    The controlled electrical appliance needs a three-phase power supply and an external three-phase AC contactor. The coil voltage of the control contactor is AC220V, 50Hz. The coil voltage of the control contactor is AC380V, 50Hz.

    Timer Switch for Lamp Connections

    1. Make sure you have disconnected the power;

    2. Connect to the air switch with the left 2 lines of the time control switch

    3. Connect to the Lamp with the right 2 lines of the time switch.

    4. If you need to connect multiply of lamps, make sure the power not exceed 400w, or you need to install a AC contactor.

    Featured Light Bulb Timer Switch

    Automatic Home Lighting Control System FAQ

    Three types of time switches are usually used for home lights, mechanical timer switch, digital time switch, and astronomic timer switch. You can choose a right one according to the function you need.

    Generally,  CFLs and some other fluorescent lamps don’t play nice with digital timers. And LED bulbs might have trouble with mechanical timers.

    Yes, if you forget to leave the light in the on position, the timer won’t be able to turn it on.

    Unlike security lights, light timers don’t have battery backup. If the power goes out, the time switch will stop to work. For mechanical time switch, you may need to set it again.

    How to Set Time Switch For Lamp

    Before you set your time switch, make sure that your home lamps and switches are working. As different functions of time switch require different setting methods, here we just show you the basic setting steps. More functions you can check the manual of time switch.

    1) Turn the light switch to the “on” position, and plug the light timer into the wall outlet.

    2) Set the display time (present time), it usually aligns the arrow in the center with the corresponding time of day. Here is the setting method of Alion time switch:

    3) Set your timer switch to “auto”, it has at least two settings: “on” and “auto.”

    4) Position the tabs on the outer edge of the light timer to correspond to the time you want the light to turn off and on. The pulled-up label indicates that you want the light to be off, while the depressed label indicates that the light should be on.

    5) Test your settings by rotating the time dial until it reaches a pull-up label and the indicator light should be off. It means the timer is set correctly, please don’t forget to dial the time back to the correct current time

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