Company Management​

2. The colleague from quality dept will analyze the sample which is we kept from the order.
3. We will provide the analysis report and solution to our customer.
4. In some case we will need the customer provide the failure model to help us find the cause.
5. We will following up the status of improved products and get feedback from customer.

2. Analyze the cause.
3. Resend the new replacements to customer.
4. Regarding the issues to update the products.

Digital Time Switch ≤ 2s/day; Eset≤±2s
Staircase Time Switch (30s-20min) 30s±3s; 20min±150s

Service & Order Terms

MOQ is 500units, the packaging will be Laser printing; Labels and manuals put your logo by printers; White innerbox and universal cartons.
MOQ is 1,000units, we will be based on your artworks included the production of labels and inner box.
If need to develop products or improve product performance, the MOQ is 2,000units in the first order. Please submit your requirement to contact us.

Product Setting & Using

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