Modular Contactor

ALION Modular Contactor (also known as analog contactors and architectural contactors) are mainly used in power systems with AC 50Hz/60Hz, rated working voltage up to 400V and rated working current up to 100A.
They are used as remote switches and control circuits in AC-1 and AC-7a (non-inductive or low-inductive loads, resistance furnaces, household appliances and similar low-inductive loads).

Our modular contactors have a current rating of 100A and come with support for DIN mounting. You can easily install them into your electrical panel.

ALION Modular Contactors have a standard 17.5-millimeter construction, which makes them flexible enough to meet all your needs. Also, the number of poles can range from one to four, and the contactor supports N/O and N/C contact states

ALION Modular contactor can expand auxiliary control, protection and indication functions. It meets the standard IEC 61095.


  • Modular Contactor has novel structure and compact volume.
  • Installation orbiting, dimension modularization, safe use, can be combined with small circuit breakers installed in the control lighting box.
  • The use of high-quality insulation materials greatly improves the safety.
  • Beautiful appearance with working status indicator window.
  • No noise, suitable for hotels, hospitals and other places.


ALION Modular Contactor is a kind of control device used for long distance connection and disconnection of inductionless or low inductive load, resistance furnace, household appliances and similar low inductive load, household motor, etc. ALION Modular Contactor are mainly used in homes, hotels, apartments, office buildings, public buildings, shopping malls, gymnasiums and other places to achieve automatic control functions.

  • Non-inductive or slightly inductive loads, eg. Heaters
  • Slightly inductive loads in household appliances: eg. Mixers, blenders
  • Motor-loads for household appliances: eg. Fans, central vacuum

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ALC18 series staircase time switch

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ALC18 series staircase time switch

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