ASO Series Photocell Switch

ASO photocell switch consists of a sealed CDS photocell and a Snap action bimetallic relay. The unit automatically turns on or off the lighting according to the light intensity changes.

  • Electric light control switch
  • CDS photocell
  • Suitable for street lighting, factories, gardens, ports, airports, farms, parks,any other place which needs to automatically control the lighting.
  • Automatically turn on or off the load circuit according to changes in light intensity.
  • Delay function can resist interference according to the short-term ambient light intensity changes.

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Product Selection

Rated current3A or 6A or 10A or 15A or 20A
Voltage110Vac or 220Vac
Frequency50 Hz

Technical Data

Contact formSPST
Power ConsumptionASO-2203-22015: 5VA; ASO-22020: 10VA
Contact resistance≤ 50mΩ
LifeElectrical 1×100000 times; Mechanical 5×1000000 times
Dielectric strengthBetween open contacts :1000VAC rms
Insulation resistance≥ 100MΩ(DC 500V)
MountingScrew mounting bracket
Type of protectionIP 53
Ambient temperature-10℃~+50℃
Ambient humidity35~85%RH

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ASO Photocell switch

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