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Time switches are designed to meet the ongoing needs of residential and commercial systems by controlling multiple loads based on time. Also called industrial timer and timer switch.

We can use it to help reduce energy use by running equipment only when needed. Our product ranges focus on time control and support your energy-saving plans by switching off non-priority loads.

ALION offers a wide range of Time Switches to operate the electric equipment as needed to on and off at specific times or time intervals. Automate your electrical devices easily with the ALION Time Switch.

It will work in any setting — industrial, residential, or commercial. By installing the time switch, your home or business will become more energy-efficient.

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MOQ 500 pcs
Sample #2 Free sample can be provided for bulk order
Leading Times Sample: 3-7 days; Bulk Order: 30-60 working days, depending on the qtys
Main Product Time Swicth, Timer Relay, Modular Contactor, Hour Meter, Photocell Switch
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Warranty 1 years

Alion in Brief

Staircase Time Switch

Controlling staircase lighting with the ALION Staircase Time Switch is effortless. Use it to control lights not only on staircases but also in hallways and lobbies. The switch is available with 80mA or 150mA current limits. It also has a built-in overload protection feature. Plus, you can install it on a DIN rail.

On top of that, our staircase time switch is fitted with buttons for easier control. Use the buttons to turn the lights on and set the time range for when they should turn off. The range can vary from one second to seven minutes, or from 30 seconds to 20 minutes. But the settings will depend on the model.

Digital Time Switch

The ALION Digital Time Switch is flexible and functional. You can use it in residential or commercial settings. This switch makes it easy to control lights, watering systems, and many other appliances. Also, it’s perfect for programming energy saving on a weekly schedule.

Our Digital Time Switches come with an LCD display for easier settings control. Some models have four and others up to six buttons that allow you to tweak the settings to your liking. Plus, you can program the switch to follow preset schedules, for example, when you go on vacation. Our digital time switch also comes with an automatic time correction feature and daylight saving time switching.

Analogue Time Switch

The ALION Analog Time Switch can help you improve your energy efficiency in the long run. Simply install it in your home or business to manage a wide range of electronic devices. Use it to control the lights in your house, household appliances, shop window lighting, or air ventilation.

Our analog time switch will work best with devices that need simple control. Use the tappets to program the switch to repeat the same daily schedule. The switch also has a manual override ON/OFF button. On top of that, the ALION Analog Time Switch is easy to install on a DIN rail (1 – 6 modules). Simply, mount it on a wall or your front panel, and start saving money on your energy bill.

Timer Swicth Manufacturer FAQ

The warranty period is 24 months from the goods leaving our warehouse. In warranty period, all of the defective products can returned to the factory to be repaired or be replaced.

We offer the free sample, you only need to pay the freight. One reference is up to 2 pcs, the total quantity is no more than 6 pcs. You can also place a sample order if you exceed the quantity.

MOQ is 500units, the packaging will be Laser printing; Labels and manuals put your logo by printers; White innerbox and universal cartons.
MOQ is 1,000units, we will be based on your artworks included the production of labels and inner box.
If need to develop products or improve product performance, the MOQ is 2,000units in the first order. Please submit your requirement to contact us.

This depends on the products. The standard time products are delivered within 5-20 days. The delivery time of the special products is according to the time of completing the products.

Our standard payment term is 30% T/T deposit, 70% balance Before the shipment.

Yes, we’re excited to help inspectors to complete the inspection work.

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Timer Switch - Definitive Guide

An easy way to improve energy efficiency at home is to install time switches on lights and energy-intensive appliances. As long as there is a small plan and a few small steps, you and your family can achieve real energy savings in an instant.

1. What is a time switch?

The time switch is an electronic device that controls the load through an automatic switch after a predetermined time. Compared to operation without a time switch, the programmed switch of the load provides energy savings, in which the load will be permanently turned on. They can be programmed daily, weekly and yearly.

The time switch is suitable for various fields, such as irrigation or other water pumps, indoor or outdoor lighting, ventilation systems and other devices that need to be switched on and off all day. The time switch automatically performs these tasks so that people do not need to remember these tasks, nor do they need to press the switch at a specific time each day.

2. The difference between time switch and timer

If you think that the time switch sounds a lot like a timer, you are very wrong. In fact, the two names are often used interchangeably, but there are some differences. Time switches are usually used for commercial or industrial level switches to control equipment such as HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) equipment, traffic lighting, commercial water heaters, and large pumps. The time switch usually has a detailed programming function, with a rated current of 30 or more amperes and 120 or 240 volts. Timer switches are usually residential-grade wall switches used to control lights, and most are rated for standard 120-volt household electricity.

3. Advantages of Time switch

Time switches allow homeowners to set the lights, appliances, and AC power to not be used during certain times of the day as they work on a daily schedule. Using the time switch to operate them can bring great convenience, save energy and cost, and also make your home safer.

1) Live an energy-saving life

Once you have installed a time switch in your home, you no longer have to worry about turning on and off the lights or water heaters in certain rooms /zones of the house at specific times. These switches are especially convenient if you forget things easily, or are used to going to sleep with the lights on.

A time switch will let you know that you are sleeping peacefully without using unnecessary energy. In fact, over time, you will reduce your energy costs.

Not only lights, but you can also set timers to automatically turn on and off devices such as TVs and chargers so that they won’t run 24 hours a day. You can continue to do other important housework.

In winter, your home may get dark earlier than usual. With the time switch, you don’t have to put down your work and turn on the lights in a hurry. Just set the time change according to the season, the sun a down automatically turn on the light.

2) Safe and reliable

Most homeowners believe that being open to letting light in while on vacation can make their home free by the intrusion. However, this technique can no longer fool anyone, you will only waste a lot of energy. In fact, leaving the light on all day may lead the intruder to believe that the light is only on and no one is actually at home.

The time switch can protect your home. By connecting indoor and outdoor lighting to a timer switch, you can prove that even if you are not at home, there are people in the house. Timers can also help keep your doorways, porches, and passages well-lit to prevent trips, falls, and other injuries.

3) Get timely reminders

Time switches can not only improve the safety and energy efficiency of your home but also serve as a reliable way to understand how much time has passed.

Connect your sauna, hot tub, and swimming pool to a timer switch and you can calculate how long you have been there. If you are asleep, this switch can also serve as a potential lifeguard.

Because of the durability, reliability, simplicity, and convenience they provide, most owners choose time switches for saunas, hot tubs, swimming pools, and heating lights.

4) Better manage equipment

If you want to turn on the light when it is not necessary, the time switch is the best choice. These switches can be programmed to turn the lights on /off at specific times of the day to optimize energy usage. If you have children at home, the timer switch will help you control your energy consumption.

This also applies to air conditioners that consume a lot of energy. Most of us have to wake up in the middle of the night to turn it off. In addition , after the room starts to heat up for a while, you may need to wake up again and turn on the communication. There is a switch to make life easier. You can set your AC switch for 30 minutes and then turn it off for an hour. As long as you want to sleep, this process can continue without interruption and sleep comfortably.

4. Types of Time switch

Normally, time switch can be divided into 3 types, including analog time switch, digital time switches, and astronomic time switches. These 3 types of time switches are most common timer in the market.

1) Analog time switch

Analog time switch is also called manual or mechanical switch. The tappet is programmed by moving its position to synchronize with a quartz battery or by using a network frequency. The analog time switch is very simple to use. All you have to do is wind the watch to a specific time. In fact, this is similar to setting a watch or using the time knob on an oven.

And, because of its simplicity, it is quite durable. Let’s face it-destroying any mechanical device is much more difficult than destroying a digital device. Another advantage of this time switch is that it is relatively cheap. So, if you are not ready to invest a lot of money in the switch, this might be the perfect choice for you.

The time settings vary from model to model. Some analog time switches allow you to set many cycles within 24 hours, as you like or off. Other limits are within 60 minutes.

Remember that there are two types of analog time switches. The plug-in switch looks like a socket with a time control function. All you have to do is plug it in and set the time. The switches inside the wall are a little more complicated because you have to install them on the wall.

2) Digital time switch

Digital time switch is also called programmable time switch. They provide more options than simulation games and can handle many different situations.

The digital switch provides multiple on/off cycles within 24 hours. In addition, you can also set multiple switching times. For example, if you are going on vacation, you can set a 7-day plan. In addition, some models allow you to set different settings for different days of the week.

Another advantage of digital time switches is that they are password protected. In this way, your children, even strangers, cannot change your settings.

There are also digital time switch models that include various sensors. They can recognize nearby sunlight or movement, and turn the lights on or off accordingly.

Finally, newer models usually use smart technology. This means you can connect them to your phone or tablet and use the device as a remote control. In addition, some models even support voice control services such as Alexa and Google Home.

Like the mechanical time switch, the digital time switch also has two forms: plug-in and wall-mounted.

3) Astronomic time switch

The astronomical time switch is actually a digital switch. However, the system they use is different from the conventional digital system.

The astronomical switch works according to the time of day. They have built-in technology that can calculate the exact time of sunrise and sunset. So, they turn the lights on or off based on these calculations.

In addition, most models are equipped with remote control. However, they did not offer other options.

4) Other types of time switches

These three time switches are the most common. However, you may find that there are many other types of applications. Some of them are irrigation timers, water heater time switches and stair time switches.

5. How does the time switch work?

The working principle of the time switch is slightly different. Under normal circumstances, the time switch gives a contact output about time information. This contact output can be used for various purposes. (Start the motor, turn on the lights, etc.) First, set the geographic real-time to the time switch. After entering the time, you need to define the timing function.

1) Working principle of analog time switch

The time switch has a dial that can be set to the appropriate time. This electric dial can time, just like a clock. As the dial advances, it will trigger the mechanism to turn the device on and off at the appropriate time. These mechanisms are located on the surface of the dial and are usually bolted at the required time. Some devices allow users to set the switch multiple times during the day.

2) The working principle of digital time switch

The digital time switch can be programmed to switch on and off at a specific time. Mechanical time switches usually only allow a limited time setting, while electronic time switches allow an unlimited number of time settings per day. However, some electronic time switches may need to be reprogrammed after being disconnected from the current, for example when the power supply is interrupted or the switch is unplugged for any reason.

6. Application of time switch

The time switch can be used in many applications. Some examples are listed below.

Before employees come to work, they can warm up the packaging machine so that they can start working immediately.

  • The bell will ring at the beginning of class, lunch break and end of class.
  • The swimming pool water pump is adjusted by a time switch, which can control various jets separately.
  • The circulating water pump is controlled by the electromechanical time switch according to the program setting.
  • The convection device is automatically adjusted by the time switch according to the selected program.
  • The lighting and heating systems are controlled by dual-channel digital time switches respectively.
  • The artistic lighting of buildings and monuments in the city is controlled by a time switch, which provides a wide range of functions to suit the type of effect required.
  • The irrigation pump in the garden can be controlled by programming the time setting.
  • Thanks to the time switch, the church clock is controlled by one of the various advanced functions, and the user can adjust the time interval between one strike and the next as needed.
  • The water pump system in the fountain is controlled by a time switch, which produces a drama of water, like a sparkling waterfall or elegant splashing in a very simple way.
  • Since the time switch defines a weekly or yearly schedule, the advertising signs run at a preset time.
  • Air circulation fan special area provided by the program ATe per week switches automatically controlled. For example, on certain days of the year, road safety barriers set up to enter unauthorized areas can be conveniently controlled by the hourly program in the time switch.
  • In order to prevent unauthorized people or animals from entering the area at night, the electric fence is controlled by a time switch to activate it at a preset time during the day.

7. How to choose the right time switch

There are so many different types, all boiled down to your own needs. When choosing a time switch, the following parameters should be considered.

1) Rated power

Each switch has a rated power. When choosing a time switch, carefully choose one that can handle all your equipment and lights. The best way to ensure this is to summarize the power of your appliances and light bulbs and look for the corresponding switches.

2) Equipment support

Before purchasing the time switch, please check if it supports your device. For example, some switches can work on electric lights, but not on engines like bathroom fans. In addition, if you plan to use fluorescent and low-wattage switches, remember that not all models support them.

3) The configuration of the light

Most of the time switch supports a single- pole switch. So if you are looking for a switch to control lights nearby, you do not need to worry about this. However, many models do not support three-way and four-way switches. Therefore, if you want your switch to control the lights on the opposite side of the corridor, you should look for a more advanced model.

8. Conclusion

Homeowners usually work on a daily schedule and know that certain appliances, lights, and air conditioners will not be used at certain times of the day. Using the time switch to operate them can bring great convenience, save energy and cost, and also make your home safer.

Timer Switch FAQ Guide
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