Analogue Time Switch

The ALION Analog Time Switch can help you improve your energy efficiency in the long run. Simply install it in your home or business to manage a wide range of electronic devices. Use it to control the lights in your house, household appliances, shop window lighting, or air ventilation.

Our analog time switch will work best with devices that need simple control. Use the tappets to program the switch to repeat the same daily schedule. The switch also has a manual override ON/OFF button. On top of that, the ALION Analog Time Switch is easy to install on a DIN rail (1 – 6 modules). Simply, mount it on a wall or your front panel, and start saving money on your energy bill.

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    What Is an Analog Time Switch?

    A time switch is a device that has a built-in timer that turns the electrical circuit on and off at a preset time. Also, you can input time and date settings and switch between different intervals. When looking at which timer to buy, you’ll be faced with a decision — analog or digital? But what’s the difference? Well, the difference between the two is usually in their display.

    Analog time switches have clock hands, while their digital counterparts have a numeric display. Installing analog time switches is pretty easy. You can check out a couple of ways you can do it here.

    Types of Analog Time Switches

    There are two main types of analog time switches — plug-in and in-wall. Unlike the in-wall switches, you can install plug-in switches on your own. They are pretty easy to install, and the setup process only takes a few minutes. On the other hand, if you want to get an in-wall analog time switch, you will need to hire an electrician.

    Another key difference between them is the amount of switching segments they have. ALION analog time switches come in 48, 96, and 144 switching segments.

    Applications of Analog Time Switches

    Now you might be thinking, isn’t a time switch the same thing as a timer switch? While the two are pretty similar, the biggest difference is when and how people use them.

    Most often, people use analog time switches for commercial instead of residential use. Depending on what kind of an analog time switch you decide to go for, you can use them in various ways.

    For example, you can use some of ALION’s switches for commercial refrigeration and different pump control. But that’s not all; you can also use them for motor control, hydroponic systems, and so much more. You can also use time switches for heating and air-conditioning systems, as well as wastewater treatment systems.