Modular Timer Relay

    GRI8-01 Current monitoring relay

    Serves for monitoring of heating in rail-switches, heating cables, consumption of one-phase motors, indicates current...

    GRL8-01 /02 Level control relay

    Designed for monitoring level in wellss, basins, reservoirs, tanks.....

    GRV8-63 Voltage protector

    Overvoltage and undervoltage protection for household equipment.

    GRM8-01/02 Memory&lamp;Latching relay

    Latching relay, controlled by buttons from several loacations can replace three way switches or cross...

    GRV8-01/02 Monitoring voltage relay

    Protect electrical equipment and motors from over-voltage and under-voltage. Normal/emergency power supply switching.

    GRT8-ST Delay ON star/delta

    Designated for delay ON of motors star/delta.